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KCFN CAO, Directors and Managers

Honouring our Past,  Embracing our Future!

Cynthia Blackstone, CAO

Chief Administration Officer

The CAO is responsible to manage, supervise and be responsible for the overall administration and operations of KCFN and is the senior KCFN Administration employee.

Tracy Moulaison

Director of Operations

Support the Directors with Human Resources (HR) issues and the responsible for the day to day running of the KYU and Campbell River offices.

Robert Rodvik


Management of KCFN Government cash flow, Investments, preparing the annual budget, reports and analysis, management of taxes, employee payroll and ROE’s.

Colleen Rudderham

Director Community Services


Director of Education

Houpsitas Preschool, Head Start Program, Language Program, Education and Post Secondary.

Colin Mathie

Director of Safety and Emergency Management


Director of Lands and Resources and Stewardship/Witwaak Territories Monitoring.

Harvesting rights, Environmental protection, Land use planning and lot development, Specific Claims, Consultation with BC and Canada on land/resource based issues, BC Parks and Forest Companies, habitat restoration, and mapping.

KCFN Resources


Manages KCFN fisheries & wildlife harvesting, and food distribution.

The Buy Back Fishery, Fish Distributions, Harvest cards, Harvest authorizations, Fish transportation authorizations, and Fisheries research.

Shirley Hansen

Community Health Representative

Medical travel arrangements.

Anthony Oscar

Stewardship Program Manager

Support and maintain the protection of natural resources of KCFN Lands.

Diane Nickerson

Manager of Muscim Services

Daniel Blackstone

Family Services Manager

Supporting families with USMA/Ministry/Court involvement through advocacy for KCFN members.

Eleanor Nicolaye

Language And Culture Coordinator

Ella is responsible for KCFN culture and language support events.

Elizabeth Jack

Emergency Management Services Coordinator

Elizabeth works with Houpsitas community to plan and prepare ahead of a natural disaster.

Dwayne Worthing

Human Resources Manager

Dianna Dragon

Lands and Resources, and Food Fisheries

Diane works with KCFN food fisheries and Lands and Resources

Steinar Vage

Program & Project Development


Fair HarbourMarina and General Store, Camping, Cabins, Fishing Charters1-844-466-9453 or
1- 250-483-3382 https://fairharbourbc.com/
Walters Cove ResortSports fishing and Lodge1-250-287-2223 https://www.walterscoveresort.com/
Archie & Virginia VincentWater Taxi, Fishing Carters1-250-332-5237
Leo JackVoyager Water Taxi & Store Email: vwt1@gmx.com
Mathew JackWater Taxi1-250-895-0176 or
1-250-895-9917 (Elizabeth Jack)
Peter and Daisy Hanson Swan Song, Water Taxi, Fishing Charters1-250-203-4357
Siiqaa Water TaxiWater Taxi1-250-332-5340
Vivian Sutherland, Kevin SutherlandWater Taxi1-250-202-4737
Ariel LeoWater TaxiEmail: a.leo@live.ca
1-250-332-5333 (Lana Jules)
Russell HansonQaayuuk Forest Services, Water Taxi1-250-203-2558
Anthony Oscar
Witwaak Manager
KCFN Witwaak1-250-332-5259
email: anthonyo@kcfirstnations.com
Anthony Oscar Water Taxianthony.oscar75@gmail.com
Houpsitas Village SuitesHotel/Suitestoll free 1-844-466-9453
local 1-250-287-2223